Stopping COVID-19: Social Isolation & The Latest News

A transcript for this episode is available online in blog form at Transcript: John Mattison, MD on COVID-19 Breaking News.

This episode contains important information about the new coronavirus to help protect your health and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Today we have with us John Mattison, MD. He is working currently on COVID-19 policy, diagnostics, and critical care. He’s also an expert in health technology, virtual care, telemedicine, and very timely health informatics. Dr. Mattison is the former Chief Medical Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente. We discuss:

  • Definitions of social distancing and social isolation
  • How we can support each other to acquire the supplies needed for social isolation
  • The sooner we can get into global social isolation, the sooner we can crush this virus
  • Minimizing the economic impact of coronavirus
  • Nourishing ourselves, friends, families and communities
  • The latest news on treatments and prevention of coronavirus
  • Where to find accurate information
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 and why it’s different from a normal flu
  • Importance of developing widespread testing
  • Is reinfection possible?
  • Be optimistic: We can heal ourselves and our global community

Dr. John Mattison’s Recommendations for Accurate Sources of Information

Recommendation for How to Help Local Community


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Guest Bio:

John Mattison is the former Chief Medical Information Officer and Assistant Medical Director for Kaiser Permanente. He focuses on transforming care delivery with information technology, through convergence of exponential technologies and data liquidity. He led the design and implementation of the largest integrated electronic health record in the US, and leads various national programs including virtual care. He has sponsored or led numerous digital innovations, and mentors many digital health startups. He chairs the eHealth Workgroup of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), and is a board member of Open mHealth, advisory board member of the NIH funded Policy and Ethics in Precision Medicine, teaches at multiple Universities including Singularity University, and has published widely on privacy, policy, security, IOT, global genomics collaboration, interoperability, mobile health, and healthcare transformation. He has published in Nature, JAMIA, JAMA, WSJ, Forbes, and has authored chapters for various books. He has keynoted or hosted many national and international healthcare conferences and has consulted in many countries. He is the founder of the international XML standard for health record interoperability known as CDA, CCD and CCDA, and is an active participant on several global initiatives to bring internet services to underserved communities providing access to both jobs and healthcare.

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