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Rehydration IV

Nourish your depleted cells with proper fluids and electrolytes to avoid any risk of dehydration. IV hydration provides a quicker, more effective response than drinking water, especially during times of nausea.


Immune Boost IV

Whether you want to kick a cold faster or ward off the flu, this IV is a great way to support your immune system and fight off oncoming viral infections.
*Highly recommended before travel and during times of high stress.


Heavy Metal Chelation IV

The primary use of chelation therapy is to remove heavy metals from the body, such as: mercury, lead, tin, and cadmium. Bioaccumulation of these metals can lead to serious health concerns and chelation therapy provides a safe and effective way to rid your body of harmful toxins.


Mineral Replacement IV

This IV is typically coupled with chelation therapy, as all chelating agents also bind and eliminate your good minerals! In order to offset this effect, mineral replacement can be given between chelation sessions.


Performance Enhancer IV

Looking for an extra edge on your competition or quicker recovery between workouts? This IV is designed to replete nutrient stores, ease muscle soreness, and increase energy — perfect for any athlete!


Vibrant Skin IV

Hydrate, brighten, and clear complexion with this comprehensive IV composed of all the nutrients and antioxidants necessary to build new collagen, support detox pathways, and ward off early signs of aging!
*Add to one of our Regenerative Facials to enhance results.


Pain & Regenerative IV

This IV is specially designed for those who are recovering from an acute injury or dealing with chronic inflammation and pain. It works by promoting repair and growth of new healthy cells.
*Add to one of our Regenerative Orthopedic Procedures to enhance results.


Pre-Post Surgery Support IV

Surgery can take quite a toll on the body, and this IV is specially designed to help reduce that burden. Give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal healing, decreased inflammation, and reduced rate of infection.
Add glutathione to promote proper detoxification of toxic anesthesia.


Vitamin C IV

This IV can be used as a supportive measure in a number of health conditions; including, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, skin aging, and even cancer.


Phosphatidylcholine IV

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) both intravenous and orally helps to balance the mixture of fats in every cell in your body. When cell fats are balanced they behave and communicate with other cells in healthier ways. Reverses age-related changes in heart muscle cells. Increases cell membrane fluidity and health. Enhances liver function and protects against alcohol, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, and infections. Reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and Lp(a) levels, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Improves DNA regulation.

(dose dependent)


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a co-enzyme, which is necessary for a large number of biochemical reactions within the body. When the body is depleted of this nutrient, recovery and cellular repair is limited. This treatment has been found extremely beneficial for neuroadaption in situations such as addiction, PTSD, high stress, and stroke recovery.

Series of 3

Add Glutathione, your body’s chief antioxidant, to any of our IVs for an additional $50.

Glutathione boost is Recommended for the following:
• Immune Boost  • Performance Enhancer  • Heavy Metal Chelation  • Vibrant Skin • Pain & Regenerative  • Pre-Post Surgery

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