Medical Services

Testing and Interpretation

Advanced Cardiometabolic Markers
Walsh Protocol Testing
Bredesen Protocol™ Testing and Treatment ↗
Hormone Levels
Vitamin and Mineral Levels

Heavy Metal Toxicity Screening
Mold & Mycotoxin Testing
Organic Acid Testing
Environmental Toxin Testing

Individualized Treatment

Neurocognitive Optimization ↗
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment ↗
Biohacking and Neurohacking ↗
Peptide Therapy
Integrative Mental Health
Craniosacral Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Male Hormone Balancing
Female Hormone Balancing & Fertility
Immune Support
Autoimmune Disease and Hashimoto’s
Low Dose Immunotherapy ↗ (LDI) for allergies
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Cardiometabolic Issues: CVD, Hypertension
Diabetes, Weight Management
Sports Medicine: Performance enhancement & orthopedic procedures

Pediatrics ↗

Optimizing health for children with medical needs

Learn More ↗

Naturopathic Complementary Care ↗
Acute illnesses
Pediatric Rashes
Digestive upset
Failure to thrive

Neurodevelopmental Challenges ↗
Developmental Delays

Medical Testing ↗
Allergy testing
Non-Invasive Heavy Metal Testing
Stool Testing/Pediatric Gut Health
Food Allergy Testing

Counseling, Support, and Advocacy ↗
Preconception Optimization of Health
Nutritional Counseling
Food Introduction Consultation
IEP / School Services Review
Special Needs Advocacy

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VItamin Shots
Medicine IVs

Counseling and Coaching

Diet and Nutritional Counseling

Health Coaching


Medical Aesthetics

PRP Microneedling Facial (aka Vampire Facial)
The PRP facial uses concentrated platelets and growth factors coupled with a micro-needling device to improve the complexion of the skin and stimulate new healthy collagen. This therapy is extremely effective in treating acne, as well as reverse signs of aging. You can expect a clearer complexion, tightened pores, decreased fine lines, brighter skin tone, minimized dark spots, and an overall brighter glow. Learn More ↗

PRP Hair Regrowth
PRP Hair regrowth uses concentrated platelets and growth factors from patient’s own blood to stimulate hair follicles to regrow and return to a state of active growth. It can be used to stabilize and reverse hair loss in both men and woman who have experienced hair loss from a variety of conditions. Learn More ↗


Joovv Infrared Light:

JOOVV Light Panel  FDA-approved infrared light therapy for skin, muscle, joint and wound recovery and repair.


IV Supplementation:

We offer many custom IV formulas targeted for specific therapeutic purposes such as performance, recovery, immunity, heavy metal chelation, beneficial mineral replacement, as well as NAD+, Phosphatidylcholine,
and Glutathione boosters. Learn More ↗

“I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve each patient that enters my office. It is a privilege to be with you on your healing journey!”
—Dr. Sandison

Our healing philosophy blends modern testing, research and diagnostics with time-tested modalities including botanical medicines, nutrition, detoxification, hands-on therapies, exercise, and counseling. We provide a space and experience that includes support for brain optimization, healthy aging, women’s health and hormone balancing, detoxification, naturopathic pediatric care, mental and emotional optimization, men’s health, biohacking, neurohacking, and athletic performance optimization. We deliver the health care experience everyone deserves.

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