Medical Services

“I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve each patient that enters my office. It is a privilege to be with you on your healing journey!”
—Dr. Sandison

Although we are licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications and refer for surgery, it is not our only option! Our healing philosophy blends modern research and diagnostic techniques with time-tested modalities including manual therapies, botanical medicine, diet, exercise, and counseling. We provide a space and experience where families flourish including support for healthy aging, women’s health and hormone balancing, naturopathic pediatric care, mental and emotional optimization, men’s health, biohacking and neurohacking, and athletic performance optimization. We deliver the health care experience everyone deserves.

Becoming a patient of Dr. Sandison’s requires hard work. Lasting health requires releasing habits that no longer serve you and making sustainable lifestyle changes that do.

Patients who choose to partner with us find true healing. There is no pill or medication that will guarantee the health that comes with the right nutrition, enough exercise, quality sleep and managing our stressors. We also have advanced testing and individualized treatment designed to help you reach your optimal health goals.


Testing and Interpretation

Advanced Cardiometabolic Markers
Walsh Protocol Testing
Hormone Levels
Vitamin and Mineral Levels
Heavy Metal Toxicity Screening

Individualized Treatment

Craniosacral Therapy
Diet and Nutritional Counseling
Chelation Therapy
Integrative Cancer Treatment
Male and Female Hormone Balancing & Fertility
Immune Support
Autoimmune Disease and Hashimoto’s
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Cardiometabolic Issues: CVD, Hypertension, Diabetes, Weight Management
Sports Medicine: Performance enhancement & orthopedic procedures
Health Coaching

Individualized Treatment,  cont.

Rehydration IV
High Dose Vitamin C IV
Vitamin & Mineral IVs
Vitamin injections
Multivitamin & Mineral Support
Myer’s Cocktail
Vibrant Skin
Dermatology: Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema
Pediatric rashes
Aesthetic dermatology procedures
Pain Relief
Pre and Post Surgery Support


Regenerative Joint and Pain Relief

What Is Regenerative Injection Therapy:
Regenerative Injection Therapies stimulate the body to heal itself. These non-operative treatments offer a natural approach to pain management, and promote long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions.

Phototherapy is an injection technique using a dextrose solution to stimulate faster repair of an injury. It works by creating isolated inflammation, thereby, recruiting the body’s innate healing mechanism to aid in restoration when the natural healing process needs assistance.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRP is a regenerative injection therapy that uses components of one’s blood to stimulate growth and healing. PRP, as the name indicates, utilizes concentrated platelets from the patient’s serum. In addition to being critical for blood clotting, platelets and plasma contain growth factors that are essential for healing.

Natural Aesthetics

PRP Facial (aka Vampire Facial)
The PRP facial uses concentrated platelets and growth factors coupled with a micro-needling device to improve the complexion of the skin and stimulate new healthy collagen. This therapy is extremely effective in treating acne, as well as, reverse signs of aging. You can expect a clearer complexion, tightened pores, decreased fine lines, brighter skin tone, minimized dark spots, and an overall brighter glow. Learn More

PRP Hair Regrowth
PRP Hair regrowth uses concentrated platelets and growth factors from patient’s own blood to stimulate hair follicles to regrow and return to a state of active growth. It can be used to stabilize and reverse hair loss in both men and woman who have experienced hair loss from a variety of conditions. Learn More

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