New Year’s 6-Week Cleanse

New: January 4th-February 15th

Naturopathic Doctor-Led Six-Week Comprehensive Cleanse

Nourish • Connect • Restore


What’s Included:

  • Supplemental Support: Daily detox shake, liver support supplement, phytonutrient greens powder
  • Dietary Guidance: Cookbook full of recipes for clean meals, list of foods to include and foods to avoid, doctor-led grocery store tour
  • Lifestyle Support Tools: Gratitude journal for mindfulness, skin brush for lymphatic movement, castor oil pack for liver cleansing
  • Complimentary 15 Minute Consult with Naturopathic Doctor: We believe healing is an individual journey, and as such, we offer customization for optimal results!
  • Weekly Interactive Educational Meetings: Clean self-care products, mindfulness/breath work/ meditation, supporting our organs of elimination, clean home tips, and more!
  • Community: Connect with others in an intimate setting, share experiences and struggles, take this time to nurture your health with the support of others.
  • Exclusive offers: We have exclusive offers for our participants both for services at our clinic, as well as with other providers in our community!
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