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I love conferences! I love learning! There is so much to know about medicine and the body and how we heal it would take lifetimes to learn it all. With the life I have, my goal is to collect as much wisdom and information and tips from other providers and experts. As a doctor, my goal is always to reduce suffering so that my patients will be free to fulfill their highest potential.

At the end of medical school, I didn’t think I could sit through one more lecture again in my life. After a year in practice, I was craving more information. I wanted to plug some of the holes in information that I didn’t know I had until I started seeing patients. I got addicted and soon was signing up for just about every conference in Southern California. Last August, I spent four weekends in a row soaking up the wisdom of

  • Biohacker: Dave Aspery
  • Mold Expert: Dr. Ritche Shoemaker, MD
  • Lyme Expert: Dr. Richard Horowitz MD
  • Grandfather of Environmental Medicine: Dr. Bill Rea, MD
  • My personal favorite, an expert on damn good medicine for very complex cases Dr. Neil Nathan, MD

I finished out 2016 with the annual American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) conference in Las Vegas with my dear friend Daniel Schmatenberger, and started 2017 with the Integrative Health Symposium (IHS) in New York. A few weeks later I attended Med MAPS or the Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs because if you can help a patient with Autism, who can’t you help?

Then I took a break. I shifted my focus to creating North County Natural Medicine. I had been collecting so many new ideas and labs and treatments and ways of helping patients and I wanted to be able to apply them. Without the flexibility of having my own practice, I was limited in what I could offer.

So we did it! With the help of my friend, right arm and health coach, Jamie Gordon, I started North County Natural Medicine in Encinitas, CA in June. Our growing team aims to offer the best of integrative medicine, give you the doctor’s visit you deserve in a clinical setting that promotes health and healing. We are raising the standard in health care.

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