How to Regain Cognitive Function: A Systems Approach to Dementia

The answer to degenerative brain diseases is not an easy one. We have the brilliant Dr. David Haase with us to explain a systems medicine approach to treating dementia. One of his core ideologies? Stay humble, curious and have a love for being proven wrong. In this episode we discuss:

  • Young plasma therapy (“young blood”)
  • How the excess of damage over repair causes aging
  • Lifestyle interventions for dementia
  • Benefits of connections between younger and older people
  • How systems medicine will transform healthcare
  • Risk vs. benefit of plasma transfusions

Systems medicine is trying to honor reality and understand the person as a dynamic psychology, spirituality, structural, electrophysiologic, biochemical, behavioral being. -David Haase, MD

We don’t have all of the answers to solving dementia, but each day we get closer. Tune in to learn about the latest discoveries for treatment options.

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Guest Bio:

David Haase, MD is a very curious physician.  He is a Vanderbilt and Mayo Clinic trained double-board certified physician who founded the MaxWell Clinic in Nashville, TN.  There he and his remarkable team bring fresh hope and tangible results to patients suffering from hard to treat brain health challenges including dementia, head injury, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

In his book, “Curiosity Heals the Human”, he describes how growing up on a South Dakota farm helped to shape his unique perspectives of the human body as an awesomely interconnected, self-healing system. He is a pioneer and sought-after, international lecturer in the fields of integrative and functional medicine and is now a recognized authority in the emerging field of Regenerative Apheresis.

Dr. Haase is founder of “The Food Initiative“, a non-profit organization that helps youths make healthier choices for their bodies and their communities. He also serves as an advisor and board member to numerous ventures in the medical, biotech, and neuroscience fields that have Creating Health as a common goal.

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