How Nutrient Based Psychiatry is Revolutionizing Mental Health with Dr. Bill Walsh

Dr. Bill Walsh studied biomarkers of prisoners to uncover patterns in their chemistry and neuro-electrical function. He has identified several shocking underlying commonalities, which include specific imbalances and deficiencies.

In this podcast we take a deeper look at the correlations between toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, and conditions such as depression, violence, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Dr. Walsh’s remarkable explanations offer a new layer of understanding and hope for a brighter future in mental health.

Dr. Walsh has made remarkable contributions in the understanding of many mental health disorders such as depression, antisocial personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and violence. He has also authored a book on nutrient-based methodologies which address the causal underpinning in behavioral disorders.

Dr Walsh has been known to distinguish several variations of a given condition and to use a multifactorial approach to address causes, treatment and, prevention. He is the President of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute and a driving force in the field of nutrient-based psychiatry.



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  • Mothers of prisoners report ‘They were different from birth.’
  • Cracking the chemical code beneath violence.
  • Trace metals, a hidden common denominator.
  • Two distinct patterns in the chemistry of the violent criminals.
  • Fighting crime with nutrient treatments.
  • Children with behavioral and learning barriers are responding well to the treatments.
  • Insights on the neurotransmitters and neuroelectrical causes of bipolar.
  • Emotional trauma, epigenetics, gene expression, and brain chemistry.
  • The tremendous voltage in the brain.
  • Glial cells, and nutrients that govern electrical chemistry.
  • Methylation reactions in the body and genetic testing, common assumptions and mistakes.
  • Five distinct types of depression.
  • The steep mental health risks of elevated copper.
  • Proper diagnosis and treatments.
  • Entrain a thousands doctors to help a millions patients.
  • Epigenetics research may hold the key to a bright future in disease prevention.


0:00 Intro

2:30 Inmates and checkmates, a chess tournament with violent criminals points Dr. Walsh in the direction of future research.

8:08 A pivotal clue from a renowned colleague, ‘Look at trace metals.’

8:45 Studying siblings with very different psychological profiles, revealed metal toxicity as the major distinction.

10:10 Inmates with elevated toxins and the same abnormal chemistry were all classified as having antisocial personality disorder.

18:58 A single condition that may be responsible for cycling between mania and depression.

23:35 The role of potassium in mediating neuronal electrical activity in the brain, and its relationship to mania and depression.

31:28 Testing genetic snips for variants to identify abnormalities in one’s DNA.

32:34 Why it’s crucial to understand methylation and epigenetics together before prescribing medication or supplements.

41:21 Dr. Walsh has subdivided depression into separate variations based on the underlying chemistry.

43:03 The predictable personality traits of over methylated and under methylated people.

44:00 Warnings about the inappropriate use of folate.

47:28 Antioxidants, balancing zinc and copper, and optimizing for longevity.

51:05 Methods for determining zinc deficiency.

1:02:25 A new research study looks for three genetic phenotypes of schizophrenia.

1:03:28 Dr Walsh is convinced that Autism is both epigenetic and preventable


Nutrient Power


William Walsh, Ph.D., is president of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute near Chicago and a key scientist driving the development of nutrient-based psychiatry. His book, Nutrient Power, which describes an evidence-based nutrient therapy system, is the result of his over 30 years of research and clinical experience. He directs an international physician-training program in the U.S. and in Australia teaching advanced biochemical/nutrient therapies which are used by over 500 doctors throughout the world.

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