Ancestral Health: Reconnecting to Nature and Music for Greater Health, Happiness and Productivity

Caring for your body, mind, relationships and environment are all core components of healthy living. Abel James joins us to dive into the ancestrally inspired practices you can use to reconnect to nature, eat what your body needs, and take advantage of music to meet your goals. Abel James is a New York Times Bestselling Author, musician, and creator of the hit podcast, “Fat-Burning Man.” In this episode we discuss:

  • Abel’s own health journey that brought him full circle back to ancestral practices
  • The benefits of paleo eating and spending time outdoors
  • Tips for using technology and managing EMFs
  • What kind of music to listen to for a productivity boost
  • How to get better at anything

Tune in to hear how to optimize your health in the modern world.


Episode Transcript:

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