Acupuncture for the Changing Season: Fall

Ways to support your Transition into Fall

Written by: Sarah Vogel, MSTOM, LAc., CMT

September is when we transition into the season of Fall. In Chinese Medicine, Fall is considered the Metal Element and the season of letting go. The organ systems related to the Metal Element are the Lung and Large Intestine. It is important during this season to support the respiratory and digestive systems, and to boost the immune system to ward off the cold of fall and winter. We’re moving out of summer, which is characterized by high energy, long days, less sleep and warmer temperatures. With Fall we need to think of starting to conserve our energy, getting more sleep, supporting our immune system and eating warmer foods.

On the emotional level, the lungs and large intestine help regulate what we take from our emotions and what we let go of in our daily lives. The Lung system governs respiration and elimination. It is responsible for receiving the energy from the breath and acting as the first line of defense against external pathogens. The large intestine is a paired organ with the lungs. The large intestine’s job is to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. This is an excellent time to detox and heal any unresolved emotions in sync with the energetics of letting go.

When your Metal element is weak you will see signs of impaired immunity, skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, asthma, allergies and other types of respiratory illnesses, blocked sinuses, runny nose, digestive complaints like stomach pain, constipation or loose stools. A few good suggestions would be:

1. Get regular Acupuncture: Acupuncture is known to strengthen your immunity. It not only treats pain but it improves digestion and elimination, balances emotions, strengthens your lungs and strengthens your body’s defenses. Methods like cupping help to flush metabolic waste through the lymph system for faster relief. Moxibustion, a technique using the herb Mugwort, helps stimulate white blood cells, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and antibody production. Visit the site to download the full World Health Organization list of what they recognize acupuncture to treat:

2. Exercise: Sweating from exercise is another way that we detox and get rid of toxins through the skin, the tissue ruled by the Lung and Large Intestine. Moving your body and increasing your respiration and circulation of oxygen throughout the body strengthens the lungs and helps the body to detox carbon dioxide more efficiently. It formulates new pathways in the brain to reduce mental clutter, organize thought and increase endorphins. Have you tried a session with us for Liv O2? Click on the link for more details on Liv O2 benefits.

3. Cleanse your Body and Emotions: The large intestine can be backed up when we hold onto unresolved patterns of emotion.  By not fully moving through the emotions of grief, rigidity and stagnation manifest in our body. Being able to let go of grief around circumstances we have encountered helps us to bring in new and fresh ideas to maintain happiness and growth.

4:  Choose your food wisely: Always change your diet by choosing foods that are in season. Nature provides us with what we need to be healthy by giving us foods for that time of year. Foods like pears, radishes, daikon radish, cauliflower, and cabbage, grapes, soups, steamed veggies, and light protein are all good choices to support the lung and large intestine system. Dairy, sugar, and anything processed create stagnation in your body by producing mucus.

Just as the seasons change, we need to support ourselves to change with them. To learn more and support the Metal Element this Fall, make an acupuncture appointment. We will help you better transition into the season with ease.

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