12 Lifestyle Hacks for Better Posture

12 Lifestyle Hacks for Better Posture

How to improve posture & why it matters

Aaron Alexander, a manual therapist, movement coach and host of the Align Podcast joins us on the show today. He works with people to relieve pain, increase strength and optimize their movement. In this episode we hone in on posture: how to improve it and how it affects so many areas of our lives for better or for worse. We cover 12 lifestyle tips that can lead to better posture and a boost in your mood. Here are our top 3 tips:

1. How to design a new workstation for best posture
2. Learn how journaling can reveal what kind of movement is right for you
3. How to sit better: a step-by-step walkthrough

Why does good posture matter anyways? We dive into the connection between our psychology and our posture, and Aaron answers how our posture affects our success in business and relationships. Tune in to learn more and hear the remaining tips for better posture.

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Guest Biography:

Aaron Alexander is a manual therapist and movement coach who has helped the world’s best athletes, celebrities and every one in between to relieve pain, increase strength and optimize their movement. In addition, he hosts the top-rated Align Podcast which features the world’s thought leaders on all things movement and wellness and is the writer of the upcoming book Align: 5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Posture, Age-proof Your Body and Sharpen Your Mind.

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