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We Treat The Causes:
Toxins, Nutrients, Structure, Stress and Infections

  • Dr. Sandison is extremely smart and assists in guiding you towards an achievable game plan for health improvement. I'm excited about her natural approach to fertility — and hopefully avoid IUI or IVF!

    — Niki J
  • Words of gratitude are not enough to say THANK YOU. Your staff is as caring as you and they are very kind-hearted. When you don't feel well and you enter your office the atmosphere from being greeted at the door until you leave is a 10. Thank you to everyone at the center.

    — Lynn G
  • They offer so many natural solutions to helping you feel well, Dr. Sandison and her team are a one-stop solution in the most beautiful location. Their new wellness center is warm, inviting, peaceful and relaxing.

    — Christine V
  • A friend recommended Dr. Sandison and this recommendation changed my adult life! … I have felt the best I have in almost 10 years … I truly credit where I am today as a direct result of my time spent with Dr. Sandison.

    — Monica W
  • In just 30 days with Dr. Sandison I have had major successes in reversing [my food intolerances] and I truly feel better and that I am on the mend. Now my wife is seeing her as well. Dr. Sandison deserves all five stars.

    — Ted O
  • A newfound treasure for my medical care. Excellent service from the very beginning. Each member of the team is kind, thorough, and extremely professional. The space is incredibly clean and welcoming.

    — Rebecca H
  • If you are looking for a caring, genuine, passionate doctor that truly wants to help you naturally, Dr. Sandison is BY FAR the best in town. She is brilliant, patient, an excellent listener, asks all the right questions to help you get to the root cause of your health concern.

    — Christine V
  • I have more energy, feel amazing and also lost 50+ pounds since my first meeting with Dr. Sandison. I recommend to anyone who wants a sincere, genuine, interactive doctor visit to see Dr. Heather Sandison.

    — Monica W
  • Dr. Sandison is a fantastic naturopathic Doctor. Her bedside manner is wonderful. She is an amazing listener and was able to help me after one visit to her office. Within two weeks I felt better than I had in months. I am so grateful to have myself back. She is the best! I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking for a kind, supportive, intelligent naturopathic doctor!

    — Laurel G
  • Dr. Sandison truly was born to be a Doctor. She is beyond what we have spent 8 mo looking for in terms of medical care and compassion. She is fully present and wants nothing more than to heal her patient.

    — Lynn G
  • Dr. Sandison has walked with me and supported me through a very difficult journey. She is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also very kind-hearted. I appreciate that she is focused only on me during my appointment time with her. 

    — AZ
  • If I could give her and her team more than 5 stars, I would! Highly recommend for any health challenge you may be facing, she can figure it out! Thank you for always being so responsive, helpful and caring!

    — Christine V
  • Thank you for the care and knowledge you provided. I've been much better since I last saw you. I am grateful for the care and insights you provided as it has made all the difference in my health.

    — Linda K
  • I brought my 3 sons to Cambria Perry last spring [with their] autistic symptoms. Cambria did a thorough intake and was able to give a full picture of where their health was hindered and what risks contribute to their overall symptoms. She made a plan to help heal the gut and supplement where they were depleted in vitamins and minerals. She went above and beyond to help me understand their labs and the roadmap to healing. I highly recommend Cambria Perry.

    — Deborah M

About Us

We redefine the natural and complementary medical experience, with expert and compassionate providers delivering exceptional personal service and care. We offer the highest quality services and supplements in a toxin-free environment built to support optimal health and healing.


Our healing philosophy blends modern testing, research and diagnostics with time-tested modalities including botanical medicines, nutrition, detoxification, hands-on therapies, exercise, and counseling. Learn more.


Naturopathic Medicine is defined not by what we do but why we do it.

Six key principles and a therapeutic order guide each decision regarding your care.


Articles From Our Blog:

Autism and the Immune System

Autism is a Complex-System Disorder The development of autism has long been recognized as having a complex interplay between genes and environment. Many theories with compelling evidence have been put forth regarding the biological basis of autism, including: environmental toxicity; gut dysbiosis; cell danger response; hyper-dopamine; assortative mating, and more. However, no single theory carries […]

Peptides — the next frontier in cognitive and physical health

Peptides are an exciting new frontier in medicine. They offer a novel therapeutic benefit not available using traditional pharmaceuticals, supplements or even lifestyle changes. When long-term chronic inflammation sets in it can feel impossible to reverse. Symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, depression persist even when you’ve done everything right! Even when initial […]

Autism can be connected to Glyphosate and Clostridia

Just like any chronic health concern, there is a general consensus that Autism is multifactorial. We have come to know that individuals are born with a genetic susceptibility for autism, and these genes are later triggered (or turned on) by a host of environmental factors. Gut Microbiome and Mental Health: One of the most critical […]

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